Campaign Tools

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Special Districts go beyond providing important services to their residents. The partnerships they create with members of their community have ripple effects that positively impact the entire state. 

Districts Make the Difference is the statewide brand that we will be using to promote the message about special districts, and we want to spread this message far and wide. Items in this toolkit were created to assist you with spreading the word about special districts and the difference they make in your community. These tools contain videos, fact sheets, posters, logos, and other materials such as information brochure designed to showcase the importance of special districts and is available for your use and distribution.

For special requests, such as print-ready formats, please contact us at


Throughout the campaign we will be creating videos that tell the story about different types of Special Districts. 
We encourage you to share them through your website, newsletter and social media channels.


These logos are available for use on any communications materials including social media, newsletters, websites, etc. One simple way to help our campaign is by displaying the logo on your digital materials with a link back to this website.

To access the images below simply right click on the desired graphic (rectangle or square format) and select "Save Image As...".


Fact Sheets

With thousands of Special Districts nationwide, it can be overwhelming to relate all the different ways they impact their communities.
These fact sheets samples were designed to provide a quick glimpse into each type of special district.


They say a picture is worth more than words and what better way to convey the importance of special districts than with compelling images. These posters are designed to humanize special districts and to relate the difference they make in our communities.